Jesus M Pereira is a veteran and a patient in the United States Veterans Administration Health Care System. Recognizing that it can be difficult for some veterans to arrange transport to various Veterans facilities around the country that specialize in certain procedures or treatments, Jesus created an air transport service that is available to all Veterans who would be suffer financially, cannot make other arrangements or need quicker transport to their health care facilities. Check out Jesus’s Vet Air fundraiser at gofundme.

Vet Air, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, transports veterans via general aviation aircraft, using our nation’s extensive network of small airports. Vet Air arranges to pick up American veterans at their local airport and flies them to the airport nearest to their destination VHA facility at no charge. Visit Vet Air on Facebook.

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In addition to filing, licensing and other related business fees, Vet Air needs to cover other related expenses such as IT, scheduling, aircraft maintenance, pilots, mechanics, etc. Vet Air on Twitter.

Change a veterans life by providing them the means to get to medical facilities for much-deserved, much needed treatment for the injuries they’ve suffered in service to America.

Check out Catalyst’s Veteran Transportation Fundraiser.

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