Welcome to CrowdFunding the way it was meant to be! Whether you’re an artist, entrepreneur, inventor, student or travelling journalist, it can be difficult to save up enough money or find the right funding sources to help you move forward as your strive to achieve your goals. Catalyst CrowdFunding Project Funds, Scholarship Funds and Endowment Funds and a world of awesome supporters behind the funds, are here to help.

This is the 3rd in a 4-part series, to help you get the most out of your Catalyst Fundraiser.

Find your biggest fans and reward them big time.

Sure, your mom may be your biggest fan and moral supporter, but there are people “out there” on the interwebs that will do a lot more for the success of your campaign than she ever will. These are your super-fans who, for one reason or another, really go out of their way to make sure your Fundraiser succeeds.

A relatively small group of super-fans will contribute 50% or more of the total social and financial support your campaign receives.

You’ll know them by the amount of email and messages you receive from them, and from the social commentary they leave on your social networks and around the web. These wonderful people are invaluable to the success of your Catalyst Fundraiser, so make sure you treat them like gold and be prepared to reward them for their unyielding support.

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To find out how to give your super-fans the “stuff” they need to evangelize this and get the most out of your Catalyst Fundraiser, make sure to read all four parts of this four part series starting here: Attract More Social & Financial Supporters – Part 1 of 4

While you want to make sure that ALL of your supporters know how appreciated they are, here are a few ideas to help you recognize, nurture and reward your Catalyst Fundraiser super-fans:

  • Notice who your first, frequent and large supporters are. Thank them personally.
  • Look for frequent supportive messages and posts on your social networks.
  • Set up an email account so your super-fans can contact your Fundraiser (you) directly.
  • Have several social networks loaded with awesome content for your super-fans to share, favorite, etc.
  • Set up chat sessions/rooms/circles (like on Google+) to have “one-on-one” sessions with them.
  • Make your super-fans feel special and extraordinary whenever you can.
  • You can afford to send “gifts” to high-value super-fans.

Now that you know about treating your super-fans like the super people they are, let’s focus on the psychology behind getting the financial support you need without ever asking anyone for a penny.

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