The Friends of Flint Christmas Tree Endowment

Support the Christmas Tree Giving Tradition to Communities Across America - YEARLY AWARDS: $250 - $500 - $750 - $1000

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Funds raised support this joyful outreach and spirit-filled tradition in Flint, Michigan and across our nation each Christmas season.  

Jim McFall’s big heart, strong work ethic and drive to provide excellent value and service have strengthened his resolve and increased the abundance he’s able to provide with his annual Christmas Tree Giving outreach. McFall’s outpouring of Christmas Spirit, kindness and charity towards his community inspired Catalyst to establish “The Friends of Flint Christmas Tree Endowment Fund.” This is our tribute to McFall’s good heart. 

The Trees.

Let’s face it, Christmas just isn’t as festive for families who would like a tree but need to save their money for more practical things. That’s why the McFalls began their annual Christmas tree give away many years ago. Jim and his family would like to fulfill the wishes of everyone who requests a tree each year, no questions asked, but even with nearly 200 of the $35 – $40 scotch pines he gives away each year there are some that arrive to find that everything is gone.

“They come in, they can’t afford a tree. The kids come with them. People are struggling. They’re just struggling. They can’t afford a tree. It’s something my wife and I have been doing for many years and we love it. We love to see the families, the smiles on their faces. It’s beautiful,” he said.

From worker bee to small business owner.

Jim McFall started in the collision business at age 14, sweeping floors at the collision shop he someday would own. He moved up to become a painter and worked his way into management by age 25. After working in various shops from Michigan to Florida, Jim finally returned to the place where it all started, Flint, Michigan. When the opportunity arose in 2001 to buy the business, McFall was ready. In 2007 McFall’s Collision moved to its current location.

“The Secret of Success in life is to be ready for opportunity when it comes” proclaims a framed poster in the lobby of Jim McFall’s collision and frame repair shop.

The secret of his success.

McFall, 44, could be a poster boy for success. He grew up in Burton, graduated from Bentley High School in 1981 and is the first member of his family to own a business. He’s investing in the city of Flint where his 25,000-square-foot shop is thriving, even during this prolonged economic downturn in one of the hardest hit cities in America. Situated just west of Ballenger Highway, his beautiful facility offers an atmosphere where customers with jalopies to high end sports and luxury vehicles will feel abundantly comfortable. His facility is customized to handle just about any type of vehicle with oversized painting booths, all the most advanced tools and highly skilled technicians.

“This is set up like a dealership, ” McFall said of the different service areas inside one large open room. “People want their cars back in pre-accident condition. To stay competitive, I need to stay up on things and spend the money to have the correct equipment and proper staffing.” He employs about 20 people. An Jim isn’t one to sit behind a desk giving orders; he gets his hands dirty every day running the body shop. His drive-through estimating bay makes it possible for customers to get in out of the weather while the damage to the vehicle is assessed. Outside, he’s making his presence known with a checkered flag-racing motif on the building and a 150-foot sign with a programmable LED display in the parking lot.


The stuff dreams are made of.

It’s not bad for a guy who started out at age 14 sweeping floors at the collision shop he someday would own. The new spot is perfect, said McFall, who wanted to stay in a Flint ZIP code for insurance referral purposes. Plus, the shop is not far from freeway exits and is on a busy street with a traffic count of at least 21,000 cars a day. “It is a dream come true for me,” McFall said. “I’ve been in this business all my life.” He gives partnership credit to his wife, Sheila, who works in the business, for helping him to accomplish what he has. They have three daughters and one grandson who McFall hopes will one day want to step into Grandpa’s shoes.

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Update #1   September 17, 2015   

Project is now active on TRiBYOOT'S crowdfunding site: Catalyst


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Frequently Asked Questions (3)

Q1:  Who is Jim McFall?

A1:  Jim is a small business owner of McFall Automotivein Flint, Michigan

Q2:  How Long has McFall's Christmas Trees Giving tradition been going?

A2:  He's been doing this for about a decade (10 years)

Q3:  How many Christmas Trees does he give away?

A3:  Each year Mr. McFall tries to give more Christmas Trees than he did in the previous year. Last year he gave out about 150.


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