The Kenny Brooks “Hustle” Endowment

A Hand Up For Students & Entrepreneurs Who Know How to "Hustle" - AWARDS: $250 - $500 - $750 - $1000

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Funds raised are awarded to exceptional students and entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to get out there, put it in gear and hustle.

Kenny Brooks knew how to get out the hustle. As a salesman for Advantage Wonder Cleaner, his personality, imagination, humor, charm, energy, magnetism and product knowledge were the tools he used to establish quick rapport with potential customers and make the sale. The world hasn’t heard from Brooks in a while, and speculation abounds as to his whereabouts, but one thing’s for sure – his style and work ethic have touched millions of people, making a lasting impression on us. So much in fact, that we were inspired to set up the “Kenny Brooks Hustle Scholarship Fund” to encourage and reward exceptional entrepreneurs and students who are willing to follow Kenny’s example and get out there and hustle.

 The Jamie Foxx connection.

Sometimes Kenny would refer to Jamie Foxx during his sales routine. Maybe it was just part of his shtick or maybe Brooks actually had his sights set on a career in comedy or public relations, but whatever his purpose, the quote attributed to Foxx seemed to motivate Brooks. What Foxx allegedly said was, “Selling door to door for 2 years is the equivalent of a 4 year college communications degree.”

“If you look at how long the Earth has been here, we’re living in the blink of an eye. So, whatever it is you want to do, you go out and do it.” – Jamie Foxx

Keeping it honest and clean.

Who knows if Kenny Brooks would have ever seen success in comedy or public relations beyond his door-to-door sales of all-purpose cleaner, but one thing we can say for sure – he kept it honest and clean, and we believe that’s how he won hearts and minds and ultimately persuaded people to open their pocketbooks! He was funny, irreverent at times, definitely edgy and thought-provoking, but he didn’t resort to foul language or over-the-top nastiness and he demonstrated his product right there in front of his clients so they could see for themselves how it worked. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that successful hustling requires deception – Kenny proved that to be a myth.

Without hustle, nothing would ever happen.

You could say that “hustle” is the positive energy we bring to everything we do. Nature hustles – just watch the Spring bloom, squirrels gathering nuts, bees building their hive, wild mustangs migrating to safer pastures. It’s the kind of hustle that Colonel Sanders, Mary Kay Ash and Sarah Breedlove Walker embodied. But hustle isn’t just about getting people to buy what you’re selling; real hustle requires creativity, resourcefulness, boldness and a goal to enrich people’s lives and bring something of true value to our world. Hustle builds and repairs our roads, cities, towns and homes. Hustle created and erected the Statue of Liberty. Hustle put the Space Shuttle crew into space and keeps the International Space Station in operation. Hustle brought an end to WWII.

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