The American Colors Tribute Endowment

Help preserve America's rich symbolism and salute the valiant efforts of our veterans. - AWARDS: $250 - $500 - $750 - $1000

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Funds raised here support LoBaido and others whose skills and abilities demonstrate heartfelt appreciation for America and our awesome veterans.

Scott LoBaido is a true American patriot who uses his talents to grace our nation’s towns, cities and buildings with awesome artworks of the American Flags. With over 25 years of painting experience, largely focusing on the intricate tapestry of American culture, freedom, patriotism, service, and nostalgia, his mission is simple; to honor the rich symbolism of this beautiful country, to salute the valiant efforts of our veterans and to show the extraordinary in the most seemingly ordinary places.

The time traveler.

Some say the 50-year-old artist was born in the wrong era. Long fascinated by post World War II America, glamour girls, the Rat Pack, big band music, and all things classic Americana, he’s always loved strong cultural symbolism, sometimes referred to as “Americana.” This is why he believes he’s found his perfect medium, where the brush strokes he makes wind effortlessly through time, giving him the unique privilege to “time travel.” “It is also the simplest and most universal of statements – I am here. We are here.” And it is his greatest hope to preserve our work for future generations.

The change-maker.

With his art, Scott has sought to bring awareness to America’s awesome character and to make a positive difference in the world by bringing our origins of prosperity and freedom to the forefront. Technology, with all its potential, benefits and temporal nature, makes it easier than ever to forget how we arrived here, so he’s using his talents to preserve our symbols and memorialize the countless brave Americans who have stood, fought, marched, and sacrificed so much for our livelihood. While admittedly no historical scholar, Scott has a sense of our foundation and a calling to honor our nation’s past as a true way to honor its future.

“While sitting in a quiet campsite, with soft Idaho soil caked underneath my boots, I realized who I am: just one of the electricians, in a long line of creative light bearers, connecting one wire to the next, and keeping the lights on.” 

The patriot missionary.

Most recently, LoBaido spent ten straight months touring the entire United States, leaving behind our nation’s most recognizable symbol in the form of a rooftop mural, in every single state. His artwork reflects the attitude of “We the People,” expressing the pride, honor and appreciation for all Americans who have served our nation and continue to serve, promoting patriotism without the use of political rhetoric. Scott’s passion for the first Amendment drives his ideals while meeting and sharing stories with people from all walks of life and never forgetting to be grateful for his life here in America. But when it comes down to it, this simple, sometimes ridiculed or misunderstood man is on a mission; greater than himself, stretching far back into time with a purposes that reaches far into America’s future.

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